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The Art of Letting Go

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Aparigraha is the last Yama in Patanjali's Eight Limbs of Yoga. It often translates to non-greed and non-attachment. The practice of Aparigraha is a very advanced practice. This is NOT easy stuff.

Aparigraha: I like to think about it as the art of "letting go".

When I am slighted or mistreated it is easy to become absorbed in negative thought patterns, to feel hurt and to ruminate upon the source of the slight or mistreatment. This is a very painful and unhealthy place for my mind (and my body)to rest.

So in these times I call upon my "off the mat" yoga practice to support me and guide me towards the positive, or at least to not become steeped in the hurt, pain and anger other people put out into our world.

Aparigraha, or the art of letting go, is a truly challenging practice. Letting go of thoughts of cruel treatment, malicious intent and selfish motivation requires intentionality.

I am happier when I practice letting go.

I can look at the world with gentler eyes, a more open heart and a freedom to know that I do not need to stay attached to unpleasantness. I can choose to see the light, the positive and the good instead.

That is when and where I find freedom and happiness.

Happiness is a choice. I choose happiness. I choose light.

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