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Water is life 💧 Bridge Yoga with Laura

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

As we chug along into the second year of this global pandemic I wanted to update you on the Water Filter Project in rural Guatemala which is funded primarily by the monies raised from Bridge Yoga with Laura (me).

Last year I was able to collect a good amount of money, enough to buy 17 water filtration systems for families connected with the Preschool Nutrition Program Saludos Ninos: As you may recall this program was first started over 17 years ago by a local Wakefield couple Sheila Silver and Brian Swan. They have worked tirelessly over this time to improve the lives of children, women and families living in extreme poverty. Shoutout to them!!!

Update: From the funds raised through Bridge Yoga with Laura last summer we were able to send money to our contacts there. Rosario (blue shirt) is the social worker who connects with mom's in the small community of Panyabar (Lake Atitlan area). She works with the early childhood teachers at Saludos Ninos Preschool Nutrition Centre to identify who is in need. The funding and distribution of "locally sourced" basic water filters has been going on for six or seven years now. As you know, clean water is paramount when it comes to good health. We have seen a marked improvement in the health of the children and families in this impoverished community since we began this project. Attached are a few photos showing the water filters being given to the families most in need this year. Each mom receives training and support on the use and maintenance of the systems when they receive their filter. I am SO proud to be part of this grassroots health and wellness project, and I LOVE how Bridge Yoga with Laura has been able to continue, and grow this initiative. #bridgeyogawithlaura #yogachelseawithlaura

BTW a portion of last year's funds was also given to the municipality of La Peche for bridge maintenance and also to the local food bank to support those in need in our community. I look forward to teaching yoga on the bridge again this summer. Given the ongoing pandemic I do not know what that will look like. I am thinking Monday and Wednesday at 6:30pm. Stay tuned: socially-distanced yoga on the bridge in 2021 coming soon (I hope!).

Thanks again to everyone who has joined me on the bridge over the past several years. Your continuous support of Bridge Yoga with Laura is amazing. What a wonderful partnership we have developed.




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