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I know it's been a minute...but can we talk?✨

It has been nearly three months since my last newsletter. When I said I was taking the summer off I guess I wasn't kidding 😉. I was tired after a busy year at school (my full-time regular job) and running my yoga business. I really needed to take some time off to recharge my batteries, to refocus and reflect. I am happy to report that I have done just that. This summer I spent time travelling across Canada to visit family and attend personal yoga retreats. I enjoyed lots of camping in my self-made minivan camper, played loads of guitar (I even wrote a couple songs) and spent time soaking up the beauty of my flower and veggie gardens. Such a lovely wonderful summer I have had and I truly hope you have too!


As many of you will know I write a great deal about taking time....time to slow down, time to think, time to daydream, time to create and time to enjoy life. We live in a very busy world full of distractions. Slowing down and taking time can feel difficult, and it often is. Yet, taking time to pause and rest in the present is truly one of the most restorative things we can do.

Place your hand to your heart, close your eyes, notice your breath. Even just three breaths can be a powerful reset! Give it a try!

I return to full time college teaching tomorrow morning and I am so excited to meet my new students. Their energy, excitement and hopefulness is always uplifting! I am also super excited to re-open my virtual yoga studio. Our first class will be Sunday Sept.25 @ 9am so please mark your calendar! I will lead classes twice a week on Sunday mornings at 9am and Thursday evenings at 5pm. For those of you who have never practiced with me please know my classes are gentle and accessible for new-to-yoga folks as well as those with more experience. I focus on calming, grounding practices that support body awareness and functional movement. I love to invite awareness to the breath and flow with the body. 💕 Please check out my website for details and give the free two-week trial a click! Virtual Studio 🧘 Have you ever wanted to go on a yoga retreat? Why not check out the 3rd Annual Charlevoix Yoga Retreat coming up in a few weeks? Also great for beginners! Today I will spend time processing the abundance of zucchini that my veggie garden has gifted me, and there is a LOT! Peach Zucchini Bread is on the menu 🍑 I will take today slow and stop to smile, to express gratitude for the many joys in my life and in this world. I invite you to do the same. It will be wonderful to reconnect with you all and I hope to see you online soon! 💞 In Peace & Friendship, Laura 🙏

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