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Let's look at the math...the "yoga" math!

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

On October 1st, 2020 I announced the Grand Opening of my Virtual Yoga Studio. This was another example of how I have had to pivot my yoga business these last few months as a response to new Covid-19 world we are currently living in.

So far things have gone really well and I have enjoyed connecting to some of my "Bridge Yoga" regulars as well as connecting with some old friends. I have also made some new friends and am anxious to continue to expand my reach.

Let's look at the math...the "yoga" math!

A Virtual Studio Membership costs $22 and offers up to 9 live classes per month (plus other perks). So what is the "per class" cost to you? ('s a bargain!)

If you attend all 9 live classes in a month.... 9 classes = $2.45 per class 8 classes = $2.75 per class 7 classes = $3.15 per class 6 classes = $3.70 per class 5 classes = $4.40 per class 4 classes = $5.50 per class 3 classes = $7.30 per class 2 classes = $11 per class 1 class = $22 per class...Note: this is the typical price for one yoga class at most studios!

Live class schedule: Thursday’s @5pm and Sunday’s@ 10am EST.

Please check out my website and my "Virtual Studio"


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